Strategic Capital

About Us

Strategic Capital is a premier global investment and development company. Equipped with the expertise to optimize asset acquisition, development and operation, Strategic Capital pursues opportunities across the Americas in the fields of commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate, infrastructure and M&A.

The firm is owned by CSCEC, one of the world’s largest investment and construction groups and a Fortune Global 500 public company, through its US subsidiary, China Construction America (CCA), which was established in 1985.


537 Greenwich

Manhattan, New York

75 Park Lane

Jersey City, New Jersey

Shore House

Jersey City, New Jersey

Hudson Park North & South

Yonkers, New York

Hudson Park Phase III

Yonkers, New York

Broadstone Post Oak

Houston, Texas

445 South Street

Morristown, New Jersey

British Colonial Hilton

Nassau, Bahamas


  • Development

    With a decades-long track record of delivering complex and high-quality projects around the globe, our in-house development platform is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost.

  • Acquisition

    We have a competitive edge in sourcing, structuring and closing attractive deals both on and off market quickly and efficiently.

  • Asset Management

    Superior asset and property management play a critical role in the success of investment execution and the stable income profile of our portfolio.

  • Financing

    With our significant net worth and access to global capital, we participate in investments at all levels of the capital structure.

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